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Exhibition from 9 April to 9 May 2015

Galerie Ariana in Den Haag, The Netherlands
(By public transport: From Den Haag Central Station and from The Hague Hollands Spoor Station you take Tram 17 direction "Statenkwartier" to stop 'Noordwal'. Follow the rail across the bridge. You find the gallery on your left in the bend of the road.)

Open from Thursday to Saturday 12:00-17:00,
Sunday 26 April 14:00-17:00 and by appointment.

* Opening on Sunday 12 April 15:00-
Interview to both Artists by Kees van Weeren and Musical intermezzo with Japanese folk melodies by Margreet Oostenrijk, Accordion.

Yuriko Miyoshi is a printmaker (etcher) pur sang. She has a Japanese Master degree in the Fine Arts. She participated in several international print projects. Yuriko's prints are in private and public collections such as the British Museum in London. She arranges different images to a new image. In this way a new reality of Japan and the Netherlands is formed, the Dutch landscape viewed through Japanese eyes, and translated into wonderful color etchings. In this exhibition she shows her prints of the Land-series from 2002-2015. In her newest prints, you can see how she created a special universe with copper jigsaw-puzzle plates.

Herman van der Made: Erratic stones are the basicmaterial in my sculptural work. Boulders shaped by nature during their journey of thousands of years, telling a tale about this journey. I am looking for them in rivers, seacoast or on places where they are deposited by glaciers. Contemplating on the boulder which I want to work I come from my inner being in a kind of dialogue with the stone. The shape of the boulder is leading me in my way towards the ultimate shape of the sculpture. It is a search towards the borders of my imagination and the beauty I want to shape. I prefer a clear and sober look in my work. On my recent visit to Kyoto, I saw at a few places a rope-wrapped stone, called a sekimori ishi (stop stone). This is a sign on a path that is kept in a traditional (Zen) garden where because of a tea ceremony or other one cannot go beyond for reasons of privacy. I made several objects inspired by this sign.