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Mokuhanga private

Moku-hanga private workshop
1 & 18 November 2023 in the studio of Tulip Graphics

Pictures from the 2nd day of Moku-hanga private workshop.
In my 2 days workshop you can learn how to make a print with colors in the traditional way.
Not only leaning the moku-hanga technique, but also you could see the difference between Moku-hanga (woodcut) and Dou-banga (etching), too, through some historical print collection of Tulip Graphics.
One of pictures was made using etching and woodcut. You can see the registration mark on the print. I also show her some dyed kozo paper made by Japanese paper makers in Sekishu Shimane.

As an important matter, you also need to know about suitable papers for Moku-hanga. In this workshop the student used
1. Sekishu handmade Japanese gampi paper
2. Machine made Washi tracing paper from Gampi and hemp
3. copy paper
4. sketch book paper
5. Sekishu handmade 100% Japanese kozo paper 1 layer
6. Sekishu handmade 100% Japanese kozo paper 2 layers