hyottoko & okame

New Year's Group Show; Art is "FUKUWARAI"

from Saturday 7 January to Sunday 22 January 2017
at Galleria AONEKO in Tokyo, Japan
* FUKUWARAI is a traditional Japanese game of the new year.

Yuriko Miyoshi two uniek works made in 2016

福笑 hyottoko (left) / Mask15x12x10cm, Puppet 22x8cm
福笑 okame (right) / Mask15x12x10cm, Paper puppet 20x8cm
Mask: Japanese paper, water colour, tenugui, etc.
Puppet: woodcut with water based ink printed on Japanese gampi paper and mat paper, plit pins, thread
13,500 yen for each one (hyottoko or okame)
25,000 yen for two as one set (hyottoko & okame)

FUKUWARAI : hyottoko & okame ▶ .............. yen
Paper Puppet * Do It Yourself
See this page; http://kami-gatari.blogspot.nl/2016/11/shop.html

Exhibition's photos by Galleria AONEKO @ガレリア青猫