Research trip to Fukushima on 9 & 10 March 2017
* Nishiaizu International Art Village, Fukushima, Japan 西会津国際芸術村
* Paper making workshop with the rebirth project of Aizu paper; izugahara-kami 出ヶ原紙

From JR Tokyo to JR Nozawa, Nishi-Aizu in Fukushima
東京から郡山経由 西会津町野沢駅まで

The local workshop for paper making with Kozo & Noriutsugi (Hydrangea paniculata) for "neri"
In the Netherlands, you can get "Hydrangea paniculata f. grandiflora" for "neri".
尚、オランダではノリウツギの一種、ピラミッドアジサイHydrangea paniculata f. grandifloraが手に入る。

An etching press at Nishiaizu International Art Village
It had been used by Yoshiro Nagase (1891-1978) was donated from his family.

※このプレス機寄贈と同時に、ここにあった以前の中学校で使われていた小さいプレス機はspace Sに。このプレスも結構古い貴重なモデル。

Katakana 喜多方
is famous for Kitakata ramen noodles and traditional lacquerware crafts.

Aizu-Wakamatsu 会津若松

Aizu-Wakamatsu to Kita-senju / to Asakusa in Tokyo via Nikko Kinugawa onsen in Tochigi


space S

space S

This is an old etching press (1968?-1982) in space S.

日本教図㈱発行のカタログに掲載されている、おそらく「65-3738 ヒルマエッチングプレスローラー C型」と思われる。日本教図㈱の子会社ヒルマ理研による製造。昭和57年に日本教図㈱が解散、現在の新会社㈱ヒルマがその事業を継承した時点で、このエッチングプレスは製造終了している。このカタログは昭和48年度のものだが、昭和43年度分のカタログにも掲載されているのが確認されているので、少なくとも昭和43年から昭和57年度に販売されていたようである。

I visited Nishi-Aaizu in Fukushima on 9 March 2017. See this page.
I didn't have a chance to visit space S for very long time.
After visited Nishi-Aaizu, at last I could visit space S!

My first time to meet the director of space S, Mrs. Sumiko Ando was very long time ago at Chigusa gallery in Mejiro, Tokyo. We have another common connection with "Lithuanian artists".
Now she is the president of Nishiaizu International Art Village in Fukushima, the wooden twostory building that was former Shingo junior high school which operation was ended 2001.

There is an etching press at Nishiaizu International Art Village.
The etching press that had been used by Yoshiro Nagase (1891-1978) was donated from his family.
At the same time a small etching press had used at the Shingo junior high school came to space S.
She offers her space as gallery, meeting and as the residence for artists.