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Galerie Zone 2016

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Yuriko Miyoshi
Exhibits in Galerie Zone
1 to 30 April 2016

Opening on Sunday 3 April
14.00 – 16.00

Yuriko Miyoshi is a printmaker (etcher) pur sang. She has a Japanese diploma degree in the visual arts (MA). From 1985 ‘her travelling with her print works’ began. She has participated in and curated various International Print Projects, such as in Japan, Belgium, Portugal, the Baltic countries, Hungary, Italy, Russia and the Netherlands. Yuriko's prints are in private collections and also in public collections such as the British Museum.

She is also experienced in collaborative projects; a series of stories by H. C. Andersen, Ex-libris for private collectors, Artists books, the ‘Gevelteken’ (ceramic) project in the municipality of Oudewater, and she also translates texts into Japanese. In the exhibition you can see her printmaking activities.

She makes very fine work in which several themes come forward: travel, musical instruments, maps, memories, seen through Japanese eyes and translated into wonderful colour etchings.

Because Galerie Zône celebrates its 25th year in 2016, and because April is cherry blossom season in Japan Yuriko Miyoshi will sell some prints for the special price of 25,= or 250,= Euro,.

You are very welcome

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