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24 oktober Toonmomenten, resultaten werkperiode AiR - Yuriko Miyoshi
Ontvangst  op de zetel van de Foundation V.R. Cogels Osylei 7 -B 2600 Berchem
inschrijven via e-mail: foundation-vr@hotmail.com  / tel: 0472 557 257
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One day Workshop by Yuriko Miyoshi

25 october 2015 / 31 october 2015
In making my prints I use a simple technique using Xerox copy. Looking at my prints you may think I use a photo-etching technique or a photogravure technique. However, my copy-etching technique is different from them.

COPY-ETCHING with lithography technique
In my manner I use a sheet of paper instead of a stone or metal (zinc or aluminium) plate, such as is used in lithography. My technique utilizes the principle that grease and water do not mix, thus creating image and non-image producing areas. The non-image areas accept water but not ink.

In this workshop at Printlab / het Museum Plantin-Moretus, I introduce COPY-ETCHING with Hot iron transfer.

COPY-ETCHING 2 with Hot iron transfer
A simple technique using Black & White Xerox copy. The black toner ink effect well in this manner. You gather into one image/design from maps, texts and drawing.


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Text pages from "Theatre de l'univers" by Abraham Ortelius
Museum Plantin-Moretus / Prentenkabinet

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