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In my print works I arrange different images to a new image using my copy etching technique; a transfer technique from the image of Xerox copies onto the copper plate. In this way a new reality of Japan and other coutries formed, the landscapes viewed through Japanese eyes, and translated into wonderful color etchings.

"A book of travel in Russia" (3 pieces)
"A book of travel from Russia" (3 pieces)
In the series "A book of travel in Russia" (3 pieces) I used some specific regional map and letters as a record that I was in Russia.
In the series "A book of travel from Russia" (3 pieces), I used the larger area of map to express the spread from Russia to the European countries and also to Japan.
You might recognize the readable texts, the name of town but mostly they were not seen, they melted as a plate texture. Because of my strong impression visiting Russia in 1998, I used the image of icon and the altar for a composition.

"Holland in Japan-2"
The original elements of the print image are used to impress the relation between Japan and the Netherlands which come from Edo period, specially the period of Sakoku (鎖国).
The image is based on a map of the Netherlands and my picture of dutch winter landscape with trees and fances. In right side you can see dots as the snow and light, some historical sign / symbol from sword guard for hidden Christian (キリシタン鍔). In the left side you can see the image of the observatory dome and crosses. They were mixed into one image using my copy etching technique.
Observatory Dome (Treatise on the Kansei Calendar)