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PURE PRINT 27112013

Classical Printmaking in Contemporary Art

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
Porto Portugal in 2013

The first International Meeting on Classical Printmaking, to be initiated at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, intends to give an overview of a non limitable experimental field, with a focus on the creation of fine art printmaking. Most of all, it’s about setting up a program of workshops exploring the impact of classic printmaking in contemporary art practice. From September to December 2013, artists, internationally renowned experts, professional printers and professors will share their expertise, lifelong experience, present positions and how their innovative practices are based on traditional techniques. The continuing program of workshops, demonstrations, lectures, open lectures and exhibitions will be a showcase of how artists are exploring and using the tools, the techniques available and the myriad of opportunities to create unique objects. At the very center of this project, reuniting print practitioners from Bel­gium, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Turkey, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, relies on the transmission of a direct and practically oriented exchange, based on the presence in the workshops of the invited artists. The overall program will transmit how current approaches in printmaking freely experiment with technical limits, merge techniques and go beyond ordinary dimensions. It will be a celebration and practical exploration of contemporary print developments.


Demonstration on 27 November 2013
4pm - Technology Pavilion – room 303

I could see some exhibitions and other demonstrations during my stay in Porto.

Satellite Exhibition Rooms
Mami Higuchi + Naoji Ishiyama: Consonance at Gallery Leões
from 18th November to 9th December 2013

Demonstration on 26 November 2013
2pm - Technology Pavilion – room 303
Peter Bosteels: wood engraving

Talk with Demonstration on 27 November 2013
2pm - Technology Pavilion – room 303
Ad Stijnman: The Colourful Printed Past: early colour printmaking 1450-1700.

Demonstration on 28 November 2013
2pm - Technology Pavilion – room 303
Sean Caulfield: Chine Colle and Mezzotint


Opening on 28 November 2013
5:30pm - Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
Main Exhibition Room from 28th November to 26th December 2013


Guided Tour of Prints and Drawing Collection on 29 November 2013
by Luís Nunes (FBAUP)

More photos and news on facebook: Pure Print


Yuriko Miyoshi: COPY-ETCHING / An etching technique using Xerox copy

In making my prints I use a simple technique using Xerox copy. Looking at my prints you may think I use a photo-etching technique or a photogravure technique. However, my copy-etching technique is different from them. In my manner I use a sheet of paper instead of a stone or metal (zinc or aluminium) plate, such as is used in lithography. My technique utilizes the principle that grease and water do not mix, thus creating image and non-image producing areas. The non-image areas accept water but not ink.


COPY-ETCHING 1 with lithography technique

Original image > using Xerox Copy: Positive B&W image or Negative B&W image

With Gum Arabic, Water, Tincture, Intaglio oil-based ink

Tincture & Black Ink on the paper > Ink on Zink plate > Etched Zink Plate by Copper sulfate

COPY-ETCHING 2 with Hot iron transfer


Colour printing on several Japanese papers with Jigsaw plate
(Register paper / Embossing / Jigsaw printing / Chine Colle printing / A la poupée printing / Viscosity printing)