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hyottoko & okame

New Year's Group Show; Art is "FUKUWARAI"

from Saturday 7 January to Sunday 22 January 2017
at Galleria AONEKO in Tokyo, Japan
* FUKUWARAI is a traditional Japanese game of the new year.

Yuriko Miyoshi two uniek works made in 2016

福笑 hyottoko (left) / Mask15x12x10cm, Puppet 22x8cm
福笑 okame (right) / Mask15x12x10cm, Paper puppet 20x8cm
Mask: Japanese paper, water colour, tenugui, etc.
Puppet: woodcut with water based ink printed on Japanese gampi paper and mat paper, plit pins, thread
▶ 13,500 円(消費税込)「ひょっとこ」または「おかめ」どちから1点。
▶ 25,000 円(消費税込)「ひょっとこ」と「おかめ」のセット価格。 

▶ 3,600円(消費税込)「ひょっとこ」と「おかめ」の操り紙人形を自分で作るキット。
FUKUWARAI : hyottoko & okame ▶  
Paper Puppet * Do It Yourself
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Exhibition's photos by Galleria AONEKO @ガレリア青猫