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Awagami demo 2

AWAGAMI DEMO DAY voor ets en digitale print op maandag 23 januari 2017
Kennismaken met Awagami Editioning papers in AGA LAB (Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier)

* Unfortunately her etching did not work well with the traditional chine colle technique using Japanese paste. Because she used water based ink. After printing her plate, the black water based ink came on the felt through paper.

Test Printing
with a zink plate / line etching by Ad Stijnman
with a copper plate / copy-etching, drypoint by Yuriko Miyoshi
in all same condition using a same color etching ink, same pressure.
on Awagami Editioning Papers from the Sample Pack
plus Gampishi HM-5 (30g/m2) and Kitakata SH-16 (36g/m2) for Chine-collé printing
and Hahnemühle Etching Paper Natural White and Cream (300g/m2)
* Natural drying after printing, no press, no taping for making paper flat.



Awagami demo 1

AWAGAMI-EVENEMENT op vrijdag 20 januari 2017
in de afdeling Vrije Grafiek van de Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten te Antwerpen



hyottoko & okame

New Year's Group Show; Art is "FUKUWARAI"

from Saturday 7 January to Sunday 22 January 2017
at Galleria AONEKO in Tokyo, Japan
* FUKUWARAI is a traditional Japanese game of the new year.

Yuriko Miyoshi two uniek works made in 2016

福笑 hyottoko (left) / Mask15x12x10cm, Puppet 22x8cm
福笑 okame (right) / Mask15x12x10cm, Paper puppet 20x8cm
Mask: Japanese paper, water colour, tenugui, etc.
Puppet: woodcut with water based ink printed on Japanese gampi paper and mat paper, plit pins, thread
▶ 13,500 円(消費税込)「ひょっとこ」または「おかめ」どちから1点。
▶ 25,000 円(消費税込)「ひょっとこ」と「おかめ」のセット価格。 

▶ 3,600円(消費税込)「ひょっとこ」と「おかめ」の操り紙人形を自分で作るキット。
FUKUWARAI : hyottoko & okame ▶  
Paper Puppet * Do It Yourself
See this page;

Exhibition's photos by Galleria AONEKO @ガレリア青猫



Opening: Friday, January 13, 2017, 5 pm
in the Sansovino hall of the National Marciana Library- Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.

The big book METROPOLIS and the artist's books of the Centro Internazionale della Grafica di Venezia is exhibited in the Sansovino hall of the National Marciana Library.

My copy-etching was based on the map of Venice with Tenshō embassy who were the first Japanese Embassy to Europe. So to exhibit the my work especially in the National Marciana Library has an important meaning with the Japanese print history!

photo by Junko Hoshino

My memory in Italy 2010.